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Parents are invited to participate in this drill.
May 22, 2024      

Earthquake Reunification Drill

All BC schools are required to participate in at least two earthquake drills a year.  Our staff and students regularly practice how to respond in the event of this type of emergency. 

A large part of the earthquake procedure for elementary schools is the safe reunification of children with their families; therefore, we are inviting any available parents/caregivers to participate in our upcoming drill.  Participation is completely optional 

This reunification process will provide staff an opportunity to practice and refine our procedures for safely releasing the students into the care of a parent/caregiver or other adult identified on the Emergency Release Permission form.  If parents/caregivers choose to participate, you will have an opportunity to view the release procedures. 

Parent/caregivers are invited to come to KELSET School any time after 2:15pm on Wednesday, May 22.

What to expect:

  • parents/caregivers will be expected to line up on the outside of the fence (by the large field)
  • signs and staff will show you where to line up
  • if time allows, you will go to the Student Release table and review the information on the Emergency Release Permission form to release your child(ren) safely
  • the Release Team will direct a staff member to bring your child(ren) to you
  • please stay on site until the drill is over
  • the drill will end at 2:45pm for students to return to class to collect their belongings for dismissal at 2:48pm

*Depending on how many families participate, please be prepared that you may not have an opportunity to sign out your child at the release table

 As mentioned above, parent/caregiver participation in this drill is completely optional. 

This is a regular school day and all students will be dismissed at the usual time.

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