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About ḰELSET Elementary School


At ḰELSET School, our overall goal is "Success for Each Student". We want everyone in our school community to feel cared for, connected, capable and appropriately challenged.

Our School Plan

Setting goals is an important part of school planning.  Please find our detailed school plan here.

Our Beliefs

We belong to the ḰELSET Pod


We Take Care of Ourselves:
  • by being responsible and engaged learners
  • by playing safely and solving problems in peaceful ways
  • by keeping active and making healthy choices
We Take Care of Each Other:
  • by cooperating, helping and being kind
  • by being considerate of individual differences
  • by including and welcoming others
We Take Care of Our Community & Our World
  • by being respectful of school property, other peoples belongings and shared spaces
  • by reducing, re-using and recycling
  • by supporting those in need