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canoe in water
Tulista Park
Jun 5, 2024      

Grade 5 Canoe Placing Fieldtrip

It is an important Straits Salish practice to ensure that a canoe is placed in water regularly, since wooden canoes need to keep a certain humidity.  By placing our ḰELSET Thunderbird canoe in the water, it is being conditioned so that it doesn’t become too dry. If a canoe sits too long out of water it will dry and begin to crack. Canoes are an important part of the livelihood of our W̱SÁNEĆ people; a canoe allowed a family to travel their territory gathering what they needed for everyday living, it carried them to visit family, and other important events. The first paddle of the sacred gathering season for the W̱SÁNEĆ people was an exciting and grateful moment for our local First Nations people. Canoe races are held on Vancouver Island, the mainland, and the United States, where competitors compete for the top spot.

In celebration of our ḰELSET Thunderbird canoe, our grade 5 students will be learning about the history and traditions of our canoe on June 5.  The canoe placing and learning will take place at Tulista Park in Sidney.  This is an annual celebration and tradition to acknowledge their part and history of ḰELSET School, while celebrating the next phase of their school journey. 

Grade 5 families, please talk to your child's classroom teacher for more information. 

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