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Vice Principal at ḰELSET

As you are all aware, Krista Hale was appointed Interim Vice Principal this school year while Philip Jungen was placed as Interim Principal at Deep Cove Elementary.   Just after Spring Break, Philip Jungen was appointed Principal at Deep Cove Elementary, and Krista remained in her interim position at ḰELSET while a selection process was underway.

We are with mixed emotions as we share the news...

Congratulations to Krista Hale as she has been appointed to the position of Vice-Principal with her initial assignment at Brentwood Elementary.  Krista has been an asset to ḰELSET Elementary this past decade as a teacher and educational leader.  She has been instrumental in leading literacy initiatives, culturally-responsive pedagogy, and professional development to support the school’s growth plan.  Krista has developed strong relationships with students, staff, families, and the ḰELSET community, and she will be greatly missed.  With her strength as a collaborative and innovative leader, Krista will serve the Brentwood community brilliantly.

We are thrilled to welcome Nadia Piasentin to the position of Vice-Principal at ḰELSET Elementary.  Nadia has extensive administrative experience in her career to date. She is currently an Elementary Principal in Kelowna. She is known as a strong and patient leader who has led a number of instructional initiatives.  As a leader, she believes in the importance of modeling the value of respect through building relationships, showing acceptance through empathy, and ensuring inclusiveness and personal growth. She is extremely well respected by students, staff, colleagues and parents within the Kelowna community.  She and her family are excited to be returning to the Victoria area where she began her career.